Heyo! My name is Faulty and I enjoy video games, space, and weird food (according to my friends, although I don't think a Doritos, bologna, and cream cheese sandwich is that weird?). I had originally wanted to go to school for computer science and be a software engineer but after two attempts I realized that college and my ADHD don't mesh well together. So I decided to pursue a dream I've always had of becoming a video game developer. I am currently working on my passion project code-named NORA. It's challenging but it's fully worth it, and its given me a lot of insight into how to properly cope with my ADHD habits.

What is NORA?

Born and raised in the Queendom of Arcana, that same land now stands in ruin before you. Does a strong enough spirit reside within you to save everyone you love? The Mad King is waiting...NORA is a top-down adventure game that takes place in the Arcana Queendom. A land that is governed together by four queens. A mad king has taken rule over the land, trapped the queens, and ensnared the souls of the inhabitants, turning them into stone. Mysteriously, Nora kept her vitality and now it's up to her to free the captured queens, vanquish the Mad King, and save the people of Arcana from his petrifying grasp.

Exploration will be a vital component to NORA.