Thank you for stopping by to read this development log! I have quite a few things to share, starting with:

Twitter Milestone

I have reached 250+ followers on Twitter! I want to thank everyone that has supported me in this journey. I want to do something cool for it but I haven't decided yet so stay tuned. If somehow you found this without knowing about my Twitter, follow me for more updates: @FaultyFunctions. Now let's get on with the devlog!


Bombs have been a core aspect of Zelda games since the beginning and I wanted them in NORA. They are a very visceral item in terms of visual appeal and use. In their current implementation they function much like the bombs from A Link to The Past. I have a few ideas that I wish to implement with bombs to try to make their use varied and unique. I will expand on these in later devlogs.

Bombable walls in NORA.


Most of the work that I have accomplished since the last devlog is in the form of tilesets and art. Currently, I have a decently completed forest/plains tileset and am working towards fleshing out a desert tileset.

Preview of the desert tileset.

Tree Changes
I've decided to add more contrast the trees since I would like them to pop more from the foreground and it also gives them more of a toon aesthetic.

Before → After

The World

I have begun work on crafting a basic story for the world of NORA. I'm not ready to share the full details yet but what I can share is it's a story based on Tarot Cards. Tarot Cards have a rich history in our own world with their mysterious uses and background. It's nice to have that as a starting point in writing the story, and I feel that the player will already have a connection to them with NORA's lore.

Shoutout to Fountain Tarot for these amazing cards!

The overall design of the overworld has begun. I'm in the basic ideas stage at this point but I will share a basic draft of what I have been working on.

I'm still not sure if the game will be a linear experience or to go about designing a more open world. More research and planning will have to be done in this area.

Thanks for reading and I hope following NORA's development is as fun to you as it is for me to create it! If you'd like more frequent updates, you can drop me a follow on my Twitter: @FaultyFunctions. You can also direct message me, or tweet me at any time if you have any questions. I will leave you with a question, let me know the answer down below:

What is your favorite overworld region and why?