Hello all!

I recently launched a Patreon and I just wanted to say thank you to everybody that has pledged and also supported me up to this point.



These guys helped smash through our first goal of $25 and we are almost at the second goal which is super exciting! So thank you so much!


Special thanks to these people for helping me review my Patreon before I launched and giving me valuable feedback:

Ben Grapevine,
Crabby Sam,
Friendly Cosmonaut,
Lilit Karapetyan,
Scary Moonchild,
& Vossel

There are so many supportive people in the game development community and it's an understatement saying I wouldn't be here without all of them. So thank you all again and thank you to all the people not listed here but have supported me nonetheless! If anyone ever needs help with anything, feel free to reach out and ask. There are tons of people that want to support you.

Also sorry for the small amount of game updates! I just recently moved to California and I finally got my desk set up and ready to go. I'll be working on NORA and posting more updates soon! I also want to get a small mechanics/dungeon demo out by maybe the end of this year? We'll see how that goes, but thanks for sticking around and giving me the motivation to keep working towards my dream! <3